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Australia's leading publisher of contemporary poetry offers you a new, cost effective way of buying the best Australian poetry as it's published.

Email the PAF for a form and we will send you the New Releases Catalogue for 2001. Then you simply choose the books you want, and we will send them to you, as soon as they're published, at a large discount from bookshop prices.


When we send you our New Releases Catalogue, we will also send you a copy of our Back List, showing all books we have published which are still available. You may purchase any New Poets book from the Back List for 5 dollars per copy, and any other book for just 10 dollars.

All prices quoted include GST and postage.

Here are some of the books available through Five Islands Press.

This selection of poetry about the Illawarra region(1856 to 1922), edited by Peter Knox, was published by Five Islands Press last year.